Monday, June 8, 2009

CosmicSpores New Stuff!

The CosmicSporesWebwork has been busy and has many new things to blog about; have you read it? Well, you should, it will keep you informed on the interactive social network that you get to be a part of, CosmicSpores. The Doctors have been busy and got the social networks up; have developed a sidebar search widget, and they have joined the twitter revolution. Yes, the Doctors of CosmicSpores are on twitter now and the CosmicSpores agenda is set, to get to know you. Learn more about the changes that have been implemented @ the ComsicSporesWebworkBlog. There have been major improvments to the CosmicSporesWebwork since we first started in October 2008 and even more are scheduled. There are plans for the redevelopment of, more widgets, and we are still working out details on a new app for the social networks. Join the CosmicSpores now and help evolve the storyline today.

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