Sunday, May 24, 2009

Change! Theme for 2009?

We are restructuring many of our projects here at greyeyesgabriel international, and we thank you for your patience during these times of change and growth. It seems to be a theme in our new smaller world; change, it is what got Obama elected to The White House in America, and it is what Web 2.0 is doing to the internet. Our company is no different, our changes are being made with Web 2.0 functionality in mind; of course with the unique perspective that greyeyesgabriel international provides and incorporates into our designs. is nearing completion with interesting information about web design, advertising, social networking, and much more; as well as discovering what services we provide. greyeyesgabriel international is a custom web company that provides custom services to persons and companies to fit their needs. There is already a web address for you to contact us for an estimate; in case you can't wait for the website to go live. is undergoing a restructure and becoming more specific; more details are pending and can not be discussed at this time. It will offer a different perspective, one we are sure will be copied many times. Thank you for your interest in gfd. has finished it's restructure (for now) and is now sponsored on the Ning platform. There are many Pods to join, including several new pods with new Doctors to regulate them. Make sure to join them all, each Doctor is interested in different aspects of earthing behavior. Learn more about CosmicSpores at
CosmicSporesWebworkBlog and get warped! & are just getting started and there are some interesting changes coming to the Directory and Network. As with greyeyesgabriel front door, details on the changes are pending and cannot be discussed at this time, but they will certainly be to the benefit of the consumer. Thank you for your interest in the BLOGGLOB brand.

greyeyesgabriel network has been redesigned and is waiting for you to come join. It is just a personal network that I designed for my friends around the world.

So as you see, we are staying busy over here at greyeyesgabriel international. We are constantly striving to serve our customers with the best and newest changes to the internet and as such, our company embraces change when others run from it. Thank you for your interest in greyeyesgabriel international and we look forward to serving you.


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