Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cosmic Spores Changes!


The doctors have returned from their conference with some big news; starting with the restructuring of the Cosmic Spores Webwork. The Cosmic Spores Association has decided that the task of building this webwork is too large to for the Doctors to undertake on their own, and have hired the services of greyeyesgabriel international for their webwork needs. Due to the concerns of the Cosmic Spores Association, the first move is to consolidate the social network pods to the Ning social building network. This will result in the rebuilding of the warp zones, and many link changes; we request your patience during this restructure project. There will be the possibility of many broiken links during this time; we plan for this to be a short changeover with very few ripples as the growth of the social networks has been extremely slow. We expect that to change with this move to greyeyesgabriel international, a web company for the needs of the 21st century; the move to Ning will help create a more uniform network with one of the top social network platforms on the web.

The changes in creation of the networks in no way changes the fact that the respective Doctors will continue to regulate thier networks, and will maintain an administrative role in their massive webwork. You should be familiar with the Doctors that are already here; but there are new Doctors soon to be introduced. Along with the new Doctors will come new social networks with new themes, providing that network growth that was promised. There will be three new networks with three new Doctors joining the Cosmic Spores Earth Initiative, and much more slated for this year. Don't join now, wait just a little longer to join and you won't be disappointed. Tell all of your friends about the social webwork that is taking over social networking...

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