Saturday, April 21, 2012

Positive Changes

 You didn't think greyeyesgabriel international was out of business did you? Well, I thought that I would let you know that we are still here and moving forward. We are currently redesigning our main website, this is the beginning of a total transformation within greyeyesgabriel international. No, we didn't sell the company, gain any investors, or partners; we are just attempting to make our websites more appealing and functional. We are keeping things that work and letting go of that which has hindered growth. While some divisions are doing well, others are still struggling to get off the ground; you may notice some divisions going away while others may receive a total makeover.

 We think we have the most patient and understanding fans, friends, and followers; thank you all for your support of greyeyesgabriel international, and our entire family. We look forward to getting all of this development finished and being able to focus on reaping the rewards. Once we can get finished with development there may be opportunities available for the company; which has always been the main focus of greyeyesgabriel international, economic growth through employment. We are looking forward to serving you; keep your eyes on greyeyesgabriel international, we might just change the rules.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TOS & Privacy Policy Changes

Just a quick note to let you know that we have updated our Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy. We appreciate your support and will be back later to update you on what's been going on at greyeyesgabriel international. Thank you, now you may return to watching YouTube.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Death of Ning Networks!

  As we announced in April; we are migrating our Ning hosted networks to our new home at Spruz. We are pleased to say that we are finishing up this migration and plan to wrap up this exodus somewhere around the middle of June. Having said that, we have scheduled a date for demolition of our old Ning networks. We believe that to avoid confusion of where to find our new networks and in the rights of privacy that this is a necessary step. We know that Ning will take control of free accounts in July and this could lead to your private information becoming a part of the Ning agenda to turn a profit. So to keep from having your information from falling into the hands of a greedy corporation where the bottom line is how much of a return the investors are receiving; we will be deleting our Ning hosted networks on Monday June 28, 2010.

   This demolition will include all greyeyesgabriel international networks hosted on the Ning platform. If you are a member of these networks you will need to follow the migration link to our new Spruz hosted networks before Monday June 28, 2010. By this point, ever member should have been notified by email about the changes. If you have posted content to the Ning networks, then you will need to migrate your content as well, Ning has not provided developers with a way to migrate content, just member data. After Monday June 28, 2010; all content remaining on greyeyesgabriel international Ning hosted accounts will be deleted and pass into nonexistence. We hope that you all will migrate with us; however, whether you do or not, your profile and all content will be gone after Monday June 28, 2010.

  We hope this migration has not been too much of an inconvenience for our clients and we have taken measures to ensure that this type of thing never happens to you or us again. We look forward to you joining us in our exciting new home with a young company, like ourselves, and growing better than ever before. We look forward to growth and opportunities that Ning would never offer to free or paid account holders and hope you come along on the ride. See you at our new home at Spruz, and thank you for supporting the greyeyesgabriel brand.