Friday, October 16, 2009

...and we're back!

...yes, it has been awhile since our last update; but we have finally gotten our new Terms Of Service and Privacy Policies posted on our greyeyesgabriel international domains. Things are looking good here, and we will be updating the home page of the greyeyesgabriel international website next week. We have added a new support feature to our websites, thanks to our friends at GetSatisfaction; it is a community based support feature, but I do monitor it myself whenever I am online. GetSatisfaction is one of the fastest growing support communities on the web, based in a forum format, it allows other users to assist in your issues and help you learn how to fix many issues for yourself. Of course, we are always here to deal with technical issues and to help you with your web design/developing needs. GetSatisfaction is an excellent addition to the greyeyesgabriel international family; and we look forward to growing together for many years to come. This makes greyeyesgabriel international more 2.0 capable than ever before; and allows us to serve your needs better. is getting ready to roll out with a whole new blog advertising package that will incorporate the Widgetbox viral installer. This will give your custom blog ad exposure in the Widgetbox Gallery as well as being listed on, doubling your exposure, with the viral installer installed on your own blog, bringing all traffic from both galleries to your blog to get your custom widget, advertising your blog through the viral word of mouth. This is the way twitter has grown to the point of being a part of everyday life in our major media; by word of mouth, viral is still open and accepting members. We utilize the best tools for web 2.0 viral advertising; keep watching the BLOGGLOB Blog for updates.

CosmicSpores2.0 has updated their Terms & Privacy Policies and is working on utilizing the OpenAPI's to help make logging into your favorite social networks more seamless when using the WarpZone. They are also planning to release the latest addition to the CosmicSporesWebwork; which will serve as the hub of the CosmicSporesWebwork. It will be a application social network called, appropiately, CosmicSporesStation. Check out the CosmicSporesWebworkBlog for more details.

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